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Department of Linguistics

Chair of department

Dr. Oloo Pamela Anyango

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Language as the core issue in linguistics traverses virtually all disciplines. The Department of Linguistics offers a range of courses founded on the core sub-branches of Linguistics notably Syntax, Morphology, Phonology, Semantics, Sociolinguistics and Discourse Analysis and their interfaces. These courses equip our students with the relevant skills necessary for various industries such as translation, media, public relations, academia, curriculum development, teaching, communication and research. This is consistent with Maseno University’s core values touching on Relevance, Excellence, Quality and Integrity, where our programmes are designed to first to accommodate current trends in linguistic inquiry and industry. Second, to strive towards achieving academic excellence in teaching and research. Third, to improve the quality of teaching through regular programme reviews and fourth to uphold integrity demanded in academia especially in the areas of teaching, research and outreach.