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Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management

Chair of Department

Welcome to the Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management, our teaching staff is composed of competent persons of diverse areas of specialization in the subject of Geography and Natural Resources Management. We strive to provide our students with an effective educational experience to create and apply the highest form of geographical and Natural Resources Management knowledge.

The Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management has designed its programmes to capture the distribution of people and their activities, physical and human-made features, natural resources, ecosystems, and dynamic and changing interactions between humans and the physical environments in a spatial context. Geography’s main concern is, therefore, to ensure sustainable spatial systems in the process of development. The department is, thus, strategically positioned to use modern spatial technologies to train professionals that will provide solutions to the challenges arising from these interactions. It is the department’s mission to pursue geographical knowledge and effective Natural Resources Management pertinent to the sustainable development of the human race. I am pleased to encourage you to learn more about our programs and activities by contacting us or visiting us in person.