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About Us

Department of Sociology & Anthropology

About the Department

The department of Sociology and Anthropology is in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, offering different programmes from certificate to PhD level.
The courses offered in the department prepare students to get engaged in various development sectors of the economy. Moreover, graduates in these courses are well prepared to carry out research and to be consulted on diverse social issues.
The staff of the department are well trained in their respective areas and highly committed to their service.

•    To be a focal point for effective teaching, research and dissemination of knowledge.

•    The mission of the department is to foster and develop academic excellent in social science research by producing practice oriented graduates to contribute to the social and academic development of our nation and world community.

Core Values:

    Relevance, Excellence, Equity, Quality and Integrity

1.    To have diversified and growing range of effective training programs from certificate to postgraduate level.
2.    To ensure that information on career opportunities existing in sociology and anthropology reach prospective students, their parents/guardians and the wider public.
3.    To realize a cadre of highly qualified and adequate teaching and research staff through capacity building.
4.    To have a vibrant research, consultancy and publication programme within the department.
5.    To ensure research outputs of the department as well as academic and other important information reach the widest     possible public.
6.    To have a centre equipped to provide consultancy services in training research, and advocacy to a wide range of clients.
7.    To have a strong and growing portfolio of community based     projects and outreach programmes.
8.    To take a leading role in influencing social policy changes and development.