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Graduate Programmes

French and Other Foreign Languages

graduate programmes

Ph.D. (French)

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in French refers to the study of the French language and its related disciplines (literature, linguistics and French language structure). The programme provides a rigorous and comprehensive training in language sciences and communication applied to French language and literature studies. This programme offers advanced training with a view to producing effective and efficient personnel that can teach at institutions of higher learning, undertake research, publish scholarly papers in French language as well as offer consultancy services. The programme is designed to train and ultimately produce well-grounded professionals, researchers and policy makers that will effectively conduct research locally, regionally and internationally. The PhD in French programme seeks to strengthen the knowledge base of French scholars by enabling them to undertake critical analysis of important linguistic and literary issues, conduct and co-ordinate multi and inter-disciplinary research, and also to disseminate information for sustainable use of the language. This programme focuses on teaching, research and outreach in literature, language and linguistics.

M.A. (French Studies)

The Master of Arts in French Studies programme is geared towards training of personalities who are proficient in the French language, French linguistics and literature. Kenya is an Englishspeaking country that belongs to a regional economic bloc that has among its members Frenchspeaking nations. French as a language becomes a handy and indispensable tool to facilitate communication and also to help in drafting development policies within the larger East African Community Economic bloc. Developing French language prowess is therefore essential and crucial to facilitate professional integration and competence. Herein lies the importance of this Master of Arts in French Studies Programme. While offering every advantage of a large research institution such as Maseno University, our programme retains its individual character to ensure a training that is rigorous, innovative and in line with the current socio-economic trends within the Eastern African region and beyond.