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Program Courses

Year 1 Semester 1

ADA 801

Research Methodology 

ADA 803

Research Proposal 

ADA 805

Fine Art Entrepreneurship

ADA 807

Advanced Textile Design

ADA 809

Project Design and Management

ADA 811

Theory of Art

ADA 813

Experimental Art


Year 1 Semester 2

ADA 802

Experimental Design

ADA 804

Fine Art Exhibition

ADA 806

Emerging Issues in Fine Art

ADA 808

Contemporary Art in Kenya

ADA 810

Art Studio Management

ADA 812

Digital Illustration and Image Editing


Year 2

ADF 899 

Thesis writing, submission and defence


Admission requirements 

To qualify for admission into a Masters of Arts in Fine Art, applicants shall be:

  1. Holders of at least a Bachelor’s degree Second Class Honours, Upper Division in either B.A in Fine Art, Fashion and Textiles, Interior design  or B.ED of Arts in Fine Art from recognized university that offers them.
  2. In addition to the above, applicants must meet the specific requirements of the Master’s degree programme as approved by Senate.
  3. A duly registered candidate shall be required to pursue his/her programme of study within the stipulated duration, under instruction or supervision by academic staff approved by Senate.

Duration of the programme

The M.A degree programme in Fine Art shall normally take two (2) academic years distributed over four semesters for full/part-time attendance shall not exceed a period of four calendar years from the date of registration.