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The programme is designed to harness academic excellence in interior design and mentor postgraduate students who can contribute effectively to academic and social developments. This Program enhances creativity of its students so as to adequately apply the design process to complex, interdisciplinary design problems. In the course of this Program, students will be taught techniques through which the audio, visual and tactile elements of a space can be utilized to achieve manipulation of residential, commercial and industrial spaces.  Through the use of colour, light and surface finish, the graduate designers will gain the required skills to transform a space, while striking the balance between form and function. The students will also be exposed to the dynamics of working in design teams so as to learn how to effectively manage time for group and individual work.

Programme Courses

Year 1 Semester 1

ADI 801 

Psychology of Colour

ADI 803 

Advanced CADD

MFA 803

Art and Society

ADI 805

Contract Management for Design & Construction Projects

MFA 805 

Research proposal 1

ADI 807 

Planning Studio

MFA 807

African Art

ADI 809

Interior Lighting

MFA 817

Research Methodology 


Year 1 Semester 2

ADI 802

Human Factors and Codes

MFA 802

Contemporary Art 

ADI 804

Project Management

MFA 804

Research Proposal  2

MFA 806

Art Studio Management

ADI 806

Sustainable Design Strategies and Synergies

ADI 808

Interior Design Finishes and Materials

MFA 810

Design Practice


Year 2

ADI 899

Thesis writing, submission and defence


Admission requirements 

To qualify for admission into a Masters of Arts in Fine Art, applicants shall be:

  1. Holders of at least a Bachelor’s degree Second Class Honours, Upper Division in either B.A in Fine Art,  B.ED of Arts in Fine Art or B.A. in Design from a recognized university.
  2. In addition to the above, applicants must meet the specific requirements of the Master’s degree programme as approved by Senate.
  3. A duly registered candidate shall be required to pursue his/her programme of study within the stipulated duration, under instruction or supervision by academic staff approved by Senate.

Duration of the programme

The M.A degree programme in Interior Design shall normally take two (2) academic years distributed over four semesters for full/part-time attendance shall not exceed a period of four calendar years from the date of registration.