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About Us

Department of Religion, Theology and Philosophy

About the Department


The department of Religion, Theology & Philosophy aims at building learners to achieve academic excellence in the three areas as we equip them with research skills in contemporary development issues. 

The department is staffed by one (1) Full Professor, two (2) Associate Professors one (1) Senior Lecturer (with Ph.D.), two (2) Lecturers (with Ph.D) and one (1) Lecturer (with Masters).  All these staffs have a good grasp of Religious, Theological, and Philosophical studies that in totality are harnessed for the success of delivery of content and supervision of research work. They are actively involved in research and consultancy activities that update their experiences and skills. These members of staff also build their capacities through attending workshops and seminars.


History of the Department

The Department of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy was started in 1990 when Maseno University begun as a constituent college of Moi University. Initially, the title of the department was Religion and Philosophy. It later changed to its current name, department of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy after the mounting of theology programmes. The department has 10 highly qualified and dedicated teaching members of staff out of whom a number are products of the department. The department currently has over 11 Ph. D. students at different stages of proposal and thesis writing, and over 20 masters’ degree students. The department offers courses in the areas of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy at certificate, diploma, bachelor, masters and PhD levels at the main campus (Maseno) and Kisumu City Campus.  Programmes are tailored to produce graduates who are not only independent, critical, creative, and analytical but also able to meet market demands in terms of manpower.



We endeavor to create spaces that foster Respect, Trust, Teamwork, and Integrity for intellectual excellence.



To train competent, resourceful, and all-around - professionals.


The Department of Religion, Theology, and Philosophy is a Liberal Arts Department, which seeks to develop and produce wholly, integrated personnel to serve in institutions within the community.



Quality Objectives


-To ensure timely administration of continuous assessment tests and examinations during each academic semester.

-To develop academic personnel to higher spheres of academic influence by allowing them the opportunity to attend international conferences and availing to them advertised scholarship opportunities for them to apply.

-To initiate at least one collaborative and partnership with institutions of higher learning internationally.

-To graduate at least two master's students and one Ph.D. student every two years.