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About Us

Department of Music and Theatre Studies

About Department of Music and Theatre Studies

The department of Music and Theatre Studies is one of the Pioneer departments at the inception of Maseno University College in 1991. Initially as the department of Music, Bachelor of Education Music courses were offered, but with time Bachelor of Arts Music was introduced. The department later changed its name to Music and Theatre Studies when Music and Drama courses were integrated. Currently the department offers courses in Music, Drama and Theatre at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  This creates a holistic approach to the performing arts. We offer emphasis on practical skills approach



To be the premier center of excellence in teaching, research, and professional development in the creative and performing industry



To develop and nurture creative innovative and competent artists by training performance-oriented person who can positively impact the industry and other key sectors of the creative economy nationally and globally.


The University is committed to ensuring relevance in its programs and activities

Excellence shall be targeted in outputs of the university

The University shall ensure that there is equity in all the opportunities within its jurisdiction

All outputs and processes of the University shall ensure that quality is maintained

The University shall ensure integrity in all their undertaking




To manage the Department efficiently through adherence to university policies and regulations.

To engage in one collaboration and partnership in performing arts with at least one institution of higher learning globally.

To undertake a major semester production by students of music and theatre to be performed to the university and/or other public forums.

Academic staff to publish at least two articles in refereed journals either individually or through collaborative research annually.

Undertake program review for undergraduate and postgraduate courses every four years.

Process and manage examinations as required by the university.

Hold departmental seminars at least once every semester