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About Us


About Department of History & Archeology

Greetings, and welcome to the Department of History and Archaeology Maseno University. In this department, we pride ourselves as one of the pioneer departments since the inception of the University college in 1990. It is the only department among the Universities in Kenya and the region whose faculty member B.A Ogot   is a holder of the prestigious title of Professor Emeritus. As a department we have highly qualified faculty members who have distinguished themselves as accomplished researchers in their various areas of specialization. This has in the process created an enabling learning environment for our students both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

All our programmes at undergraduate and post graduate studies, designed to gravitate our students in the discipline are Commission for University Education (CUE) approved. They cover a whole spectrum of politics, economic, philosophy and socio-cultural areas related to issues that prompt dynamics of change consequent upon society through time and space.


As regions and universities of the world increasing influence each other in research and various areas that affect humanity and as a department, we are proud to state that we have positively played a significant role in this direction by collaborating with Cleveland University of Ohio State in United States of America. In this, we have developed an academic Partnership in which our undergraduate students research and co-publish with their peers in the US. Similarly, members of our faculty are always engaged in a number of international conferences from which they present papers and publish.

Thank you and welcome to our Department where we harness and nurture historical knowledge.


Mission: To preserve and develop African Cultural and National Heritage and to develop critical historical consciousness among students aimed at preparing them to utilize historical knowledge for economic and leadership challenges.

Vision: To be a department of choice anchored in historical roots and situated globally.

Core values:

A department of equal opportunity open to all qualified persons without distinction of ethnic origin, sex, sect or creed and no barrier based on any such distinction being imposed upon any person as a condition of higher becoming or continuing to be a professor, lecturer, graduate or student of the University, or his/her holding any office therein.


A Department of excellence in all its endeavors by ensuring and upholding integrity, transparency and accountability in all its undertakings.



To train, equip and produce students with broad fundamental historical and archaeological knowledge 

To nurture students to undertake research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and disseminate their findings.

To enhance staff training and developmental in order to improve service delivery.