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Doctor of Philosophy in Geography

About the Programme

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography programme intends to produce graduates who are:

  1. Able to use the acquired knowledge to contribute to management of natural resources for sustainable development.
  2. Creative and innovative with the power of imagination for work in research, industry, academia qualifying them to be strong policy practitioners.
  3. Consciousness of the needs and aspirations of the society and augment the sense of responsibility towards the same.
  4. Possess advanced scientific knowledge and research techniques to enable them take up careers in research and teaching/lecture in institutions of higher learning.


Programme Courses

Year 1 Semester 1

Advanced Research Methods

Statistical Methods in Geography

Applied Population Geography

Geography of Tourism and Heritage

Applied Climatology

Applied Geomorphology

Applied Biogeography

Peri-Urban Interface and its Dynamics

Health, Space and Ecology


Year 1 Semester 2

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Environmental Management

Applied Hydrology and Oceanography

Agricultural Geography and Rural Development

Advances in Economic Geography

Industrialization and Regional Development

Regional Development and Globalization

Research proposal


Year 2 Semester 1

Research Proposal


Year 2 Semester 2

Research only


Year 3 Semester 1

Research/ Thesis


Year 3 Semester 2

Research/ Thesis Submission


Admission Requirement

To qualify for admission to the Doctor of Philosophy in Geography programme, candidates shall be:-

  1. A Master's degree in Geography from Maseno University or from any other recognized University.
  2. In addition to the above, applicants must meet the specific requirements of the Doctoral degree programme as approved by Senate.


Duration of the Programme

The duration of the programme shall normally be three (3) academic years.

Teaching methods in all units shall include lectures, field trips, seminars, tutorials, discussions, and practicals.