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Doctor of Philosophy, Linguistics

Doctor of Philosophy, Linguistics


The increasing language diversity and complexity in the world has presented new challenges in communication and related professions that call for training of high calibre scholars in the science of language. The programme is designed to meet these challenges through themes in the areas of linguistic theory, comparative, applied and functional linguistics.


The programme is intended to:

a) Produce competent professionals in linguistic theory and practice.

b) Produce linguistic scholars who comprehend and make positive contribution to the understanding of the diversity and interrelatedness of the languages of the world.

c) Produce professionals who can apply linguistic knowledge and expertise in solving communication and other language related problems in society.

d) Train scholars who can undertake research, produce knowledge, and offer instruction at higher levels of academic institutions in linguistic theory and practice.


Graduates of the Department are expected to:

a) Develop advanced research skills in the study of linguistic phenomena.

b) Undertake in-depth theory-informed research into linguistics phenomena.


To qualify for admission into this programme, a candidate shall be holder of either of the following:

a) A Masters Degree in linguistics from Maseno University or any other recognized university.

b) Other qualifications considered by the Senate as equivalent to a Masters degree.


A full time student for PhD. degree shall normally be registered for a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years. A part-time student shall be registered for a minimum of three years and a maximum of seven years. Continuance of registration will depend on evidence of satisfactory progress.


a) The programme shall normally consist of Research and Thesis writing.

b) Where a doctoral student is found deficient in areas necessary for PhD research work, the student in consultation with the department shall select relevant level 8 courses for the student’s specialization.

c) A doctoral student must submit to the Director SGS, through FPGSC, a research proposal within one academic year after registration.



First Semester: ALN 999: Research Proposal

Second Semester: ALN 999: Research Proposal

Third Semester: ALN 999: Research only (data collection)

Fourth Semester: ALN.999: Research only (data collection/analysis)

Fifth and Sixth Semester: ALN 999: Research/Thesis Writing and Submission