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Masters of Arts Social Policy

Year 1 Semester 1

ASP 801

Social Policy Development and Analysis

ASP 803

Policy issues in the Developing World

ASP 805

Comparative and International Social Policy

ASP 807

Social Diversity and Inequality in the Developing World

ASP 809

Methods of Social Policy Research                                         

ASP 811

Social Science Foundations of Social Policy

ASP 813

Natural Resources Management


Year 1 Semester 2


ASP 802

Socio-Economic Policy in Africa

ASP 804

Social Change Management     

ASP 806

Policy and Poverty in the Developing World

ASP 808

IT Skills for Social Science Research

ASP 810

Disaster Management

ASP 812

Law, Culture and Policy

ASP 814

Housing and Shelter Policy


Year 2 Semester 1 


ASP 816

Education Policy

ASP 818

Health, Food and Nutrition Policy

ASP 820

Governance and Democracy

ASP 824

Environment and Climate Change Policy

ASP 826

Applied Social Policy Analysis


Year 2 Semester 2 


ASP 899 

Thesis/Project Work