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Bachelor of Arts in Religion with IT

About the Programme 

The objectives of the programme are to; 


  1. Provide a platform for students to become experts in matters of religion.
  2. Equip students with skills for research and meaningful participation in the social, economic, and political life of the country.
  3. Provide students with content that enables them to understand and appreciate the place of religion in society.


  • Programme Courses


Year One Semester One


Introduction to Religion

Religion and Morality

Old Testament Studies I

Belief Systems in Kenya

Church History I


Year One Semester Two 


History of Religions 1

Jesus of History and Christ of Faith

New Testament Studies I

Life and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad

African Religion

Church History I


Year Two Semester One


Phenomenology of Religion

Religion, Culture and Communication

Youth and Religion

History of Islam in Africa

Life and Teachings of Gautama Buddha- 

Old Testament Studies II


Year Two Semester Two


Ethics I

History of Religions II

History of Christianity II


African Spirituality

Islamic movements


Year Three Semester One


Philosophy of Religion

Systematic Theology I

History of Christianity II

History of Islamic Civilization and Culture

Religion and Science

Women in Religion


Year Three Semester Two


Ethics II 

Systematic Theology II

Research Methodology

New Testament Studies I

History of Christianity in Africa

African Mythology


Year Three Semester Three

Industrial attachment


Year Four Semester One


Contemporary Religious Thought

Issues in Social Ethics

Religion, Education and Development

Religion and Society

Theology of the Bible

Qur’an and Hadith


Year Four Semester Two


New Religious Movements in Africa

Liberation Theology

Development of Christian Doctrines

African Theology

Islamic Theology

African Morality


Programme Requirement



Applicants eligible for admission into the program must:

  • Satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the University and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
  • Attain a pass in language at KCSE or equivalent.

Duration of the Programme

The duration of the program shall normally be four (4) academic years.

Teaching methods in all units shall include lectures, field trips, seminars, tutorials, discussions, and practical.


Degree Structure

The program offers courses within the degree structure spelled out by the Faculty.


Course Structure